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Lauren McElroy

510 S. College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524

On any given day around meal time (breakfast, lunch or dinner), you will find a line wrapped around the building for Big City Burrito in Fort Collins. When I was a student at Colorado State University, this was the go-to cheap eats / hangover cure and when I lived within walking distance, it was a twice-a-week must-have!

By far, the favorite is the Potato Burrito with ranch; depending on what flavor tortilla and what hot sauce you go for determines its unique flavor. But they also offer a wide array of other meats: the chicken mole is delicious, as is the Beef Carne Asada, Chile Verde, Carnitas...they even offer a Veggie option with grilled vegetables.

When you walk in, there is a display of various hot sauces, some you may have heard of before others that just seem ridiculous - you can pick from these to bring to your table and dabble on each savory bite or you can ask the burrito-ist to put some inside your burrito for an extra kick - be aware, though, some are incredibly spicy!!

Since there is usually a long line of hungry (and hungover) college students (especially at the Fort Collins location), it helps to know what you want before you get up to order. The following will help you plan it out:

To order a burrito:

  1. First you choose from various sizes: Mini = 8" tortilla, Regular = 10", Super = 12" or the Gutbuster which is 2 tortillas and double the filling all wrapped up as one giant burrito!
  2. Next you determine what flavor tortilla you want: Jalapeno Cheddar (my favorite), Pesto, Spinach, Wheat, Flour, or Tomato Chile.
  3. Tell them what kind of burrito you wish to order: Potato comes with cheddar and caramelized onions - although I always say "no onions"; The other burritos come with rice, beans and pepperjack cheese, so you have to specify if you dont want any of these when you order: Chicken Mole, Chile Verde (pork), Beef Carne Asada, Chicken Bay Leaf, Carnitas, Veggie, Bean & Cheese.
  4. Options include various salsas: regular (pico de gallo, mild), corn (medium), jalapeno (hot), tomatillo (salsa verde), or Salsa de lupe (deliciously hot & my favorite), as well as House-made guacamole, sour cream, extra cheese, extra filling, additional hot sauce.
  5. Here, they will wrap it up, and you should indicate if you are eating it there or "to-go" which determines if you get a basket or not. I suggest getting a bag of house-made tortilla chips - they usually have some made from the various tortilla flavors which is super sweet.
  6. Choose a beverage: fountain drink or specialty bottled beverage (check out the fridge, they usually have all kinds of local-made sodas, fruit juices, etc). and maybe a cookie for desert!
  7. Grab a ton o napkins, a fork and get to eatting!!!

My Favorites: Regular potato burrito with cheese (no onions) on a jalapeno-cheddar tortilla with ranch, pico de gallo and Salsa de Lupe. House-made chips and guacamole make a perfect accompaniment.
Atmosphere: Super casual.You order, watch it being made and bring it to your table. No wait-staff so be sure and clean up after yourself when you leave.
Cost: Inexpensive
Howard, Laurie & George
Big City Burrito website

Various locations across Colorado, AZ, NE, & HI.


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