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Lauren McElroy

1944 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236

This is by far the best sandwich shop in Sarasota! The breads are delicious, the meat is delicious, the toppings are delicious, and they're fast! A great lunch-time stop. The potato salad is also amazing.

Originally opened in 1958 by the Borza couple, who were retired Ringling Circus performers, the sandwich shop still celebrates their memory with old skool photographs of circus performers on the walls.

With over 50 sandwiches to choose from, you could come here every week and still not have tried them all. Although they do not make the soups in-house, they feature at least 6-8 different flavors each day - which are great with a sandwich for the perfect lunchtime treat. Every sandwich comes served with a side pickle and some come with potato salad - order the potato salad if yours doesn't come with it - its the best! You have the option of which bread you want your sandwich on (Italian, rye, white, whole wheat, pumpernickel, pita, whole wheat pita, keiser or onion roll), and whether or not you want the bread toasted and the sandwich served hot or cold. Everything is actually priced around decent lunch time pricing (especially decent for anywhere downtown Sarasota) and has GREAT customer service.

My favorite sandwich has to be the Pastrami - I get it served hot with toasted pumpernickel bread, swiss cheese and all the toppings, which include: tomato, onion, pickles, shredded lettuce, mayo, mustard and hot peppers! This sandwich is gooey, crunchy, sweet, tangy, spicy and amazing! Mmmm....sooo good!

My Favorites: Pastrami with Swiss, Reuben, Smoked Breast of Turkey, The Italian, & the potato salad! But, seriously, they're all good!
Atmosphere: Dark and long with windows at one end and bar seating on the left side when you first enter. Pictures of circus performers from back in the day line each side of the walls.
Cost: Affordable! Starting at $1.60 for a side of delicious potato salad, $3.25 for a cup of the daily soup special, around $7-8 for a main-course salad and anywhere from $6.75 for a vegetarian option to $9.95 for a double meat option. My pastrami costs $7.85 with the added swiss cheese. Accepts credit cards.
Parking: Out front or in the parking building across the street.
Chip and Kate Beeman

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