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Lauren McElroy

1724 East 8th Ave, Ybor City, Tampa, FL 33605 - closed

Known by Florida locals to have the BEST fish taco around, I'm sad to say this great late-night taqueria has since closed its doors. Due to rising food cots and the "economic downturn of the economy" Mema's officially closed in October, 2011.

They were known for the iconic Alaskan-style taco: fillings such as tofu, Gulf shrimp, pork, local Florida fish, salmon, chorizo, even aligator fried between two taco shells. The amazing crunch still haunts my tastebuds! This place was so popular for its low-priced tacos, Mexican platters and amazing beer selection but also that it was open late (3am)!

Funny enough, their website mentions nothing about being closed. But believe me, I've checked it out myself. I only got the pleasure of eating here a handful of times, but nothing else compared.

Long live Mema's!


My Favorites: the Tacos! In order from most favorite: fish, chicken, aligator, beef
Atmosphere: Think old skool taqueria; lots of colorful flags, brightly painted walls, kitchy Mexican flare, limited street parking.
Cost: Tacos from $2.25 - $3 each. Platters from $5.75-$8.50
Mema's grandson?
Head Chef:
Sean Godin
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